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CHEM 20481
Basic Organic Chemistry
Fall 2021


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Welcome - Information about how this course is structured

  • Course Syllabus - in Adobe PDF format
    • Policy - KSU policies and other information. Considered part of syllabus
    • Plagiarism - Abbreviated version of KSU policy on plagiarism
  • Microsoft Teams - A Teams site has been created for this course. This link should allow you to access both the live sessions and recordings of previous sessions.
  • Online Resources - Freely available textbooks and other resources
  • Chemdoodle - Screencast explaining how to use ChemDoodle
  • Old exams and answer keys - The order of topics changes between semesters, so these exams do not necessarily cover the same topics covered this semester.


Exam Instructions

We will be taking at least one exam on this website. Instructions for setting up your computer to allow you to take these exams are given in the links below. Note that you can earn 5 bonus points if you successfully complete the "Exam System Test" by Dec. 6 at 11:59pm.


  • Lewis Structures - Drawing structures, formal and partial charges, geometry, intermolecular forces
  • Molecular Representations - Line-bond and condensed structures, resonance, curved arrow formalism, delocalized lone pairs
  • Acids and Bases - Acid/base definitions, curved arrow, equilibrium, and predicting acidity
  • Alkanes - Nomenclature, isomers, Newman Projections, conformations, cycloalkanes
  • Review Sheet
  • Exam #1 - September 20


  • Stereochemistry - Stereoisomers, R/S nomenclature, optical activity
  • Thermodynamics - Review of thermodynamics, reaction energy diagrams, curved arrow formalism
  • Alkyl halides - Nomenclature, SN2, SN1, E2, and E1 reaction mechanisms and stereoselectivity
  • Review Sheet
  • Exam #2 - October 18