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CHEM 20481
Basic Organic Chemistry
Fall 2021


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Welcome - Information about how this course is structured

  • Course Syllabus - in Adobe PDF format
    • Policy - KSU policies and other information. Considered part of syllabus
    • Plagiarism - Abbreviated version of KSU policy on plagiarism
  • Microsoft Teams - A Teams site has been created for this course. This link should allow you to access both the live sessions and recordings of previous sessions.
  • Online Resources - Freely available textbooks and other resources
  • Chemdoodle - Screencast explaining how to use ChemDoodle
  • Old exams and answer keys - The order of topics changes between semesters, so these exams do not necessarily cover the same topics covered this semester.


  • Lewis Structures - Drawing structures, formal and partial charges, geometry, intermolecular forces
  • Molecular Representations - Line-bond and condensed structures, resonance, curved arrow formalism, delocalized lone pairs
  • Acids and Bases - Acid/base definitions, curved arrow, equilibrium, and predicting acidity
  • Alkanes - Nomenclature, isomers, Newman Projections, conformations, cycloalkanes
  • Review Sheet
  • Exam #1 - September 20


  • Stereochemistry - Stereoisomers, R/S nomenclature, optical activity
  • Thermodynamics - Review of thermodynamics, reaction energy diagrams, curved arrow formalism
  • Alkyl halides - Nomenclature, SN2, SN1, E2, and E1 reaction mechanisms and stereoselectivity
  • Review Sheet
  • Exam #2 - October 18




  • Amines - properties and reductive amination