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Side view of LightBoard     LightBoard in use     View of LightBoard

During the Spring 2016 semester, the Kent State University Teaching Council funded a grant written by Clarke Earley for the construction of a LightBoard at Kent State University at Stark.  This site provides information about this Lightboard.



  • Background - What is a LightBoard, and why is this useful?
  • Construction - Information about construction of this LightBoard
  • Software - Converting raw video into final product
  • Sample Videos
    • Flip - Illustration of the software mirroring of the video
    • Overlay - Example where an image of overlaid on top of a video
    • Lewis - Portion of a lecture on drawing Lewis structures
    • Moles - Portion of a lecture showing the steps required to calculate molecular weights
    • Plexiglass - An early test using Plexiglass instead of optical glass (failure)
    • Open House - Simple test of system under non-optimal conditions (Ran Li)
    • Additional Examples - Links to videos produced by faculty at other institutions
  • Self-evaluation - Design decisions made, problems, and analysis


Creating Videos

  • Suggestions - Hints for using our system, best practices, and ideas for using our LightBoard
  • Instructions - Information on how to use the KSU Stark LightBoard
  • Kaltura - Uploading and sharing videos using KSU's video platform