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CHEM 10061: General Chemistry II
Summer 2021


Because this class is being offered in a remote format and because different instructors design their remote sections in so many different ways, I want to go over how I have set this course up and what you can expect.

Most of the information I will be providing for this course is located on the course website. A link to this website is posted on Blackboard Learn.

Because the website we will be using is new, I encourage you to contact me about any questions, comments, suggestions, or anything else you want to share about this class.



The syllabus for this course is posted both on the course website and outlines the requirements and expectations for this class.


Asking Questions

In a face-to-face class you would have the opportunity to ask questions during class or immediately before or after. In this remote section, the best way to get answers to your questions is through email. In general, I will try to respond to your email within 24 hours during the week. (I will typically be a bit slower to respond on weekends). If desired, it may also be possible to set up a video conference to ask questions.


Course Website

The course website is new, and it is likely that there will be a few changes and (hopefully very few) problems. If you have difficulty locating any information or run into any problems, please let me know. Because I am running and maintaining this site, Network Services will not be able to help if you run into problems.

Accounts have NOT yet been created on this website for all students enrolled in this course. To login, use the following information:

As an example, if your name is J. Smith and your ID is 812345678, then your password would be: “smit5678”.

After logging in to the website the first time, I strongly encourage you to change your password. To do this, select the “User Account” button on the right side of the blue toolbar near the top of your screen and select “Change Password” from the dropdown menu.

If you forget your password, select the "Login" button on the course website followed by the "Request new password" button. Note that you will need to enter your KSU email address. A one-time login link should be sent to you. If you do not receive this email message within five minutes or so (be sure to check your spam folder), you can try again or contact me.

Finally, note that the website will automatically log you out after approximately one hour of inactivity. If you are in the middle of a homework assignment, save your work (submit your attempt) if you need to step away from your computer.


Learning Modules and Expectations

All of the material for this course has been broken down into modules or sections that roughly correspond to a chapter in the textbook. For each module, a separate page has been created that will generally contain:

Deadlines for the homework are meant to help you keep up with your studying and prepare for the exams. While you can do homework after the deadlines, you will not receive full credit for this.



A number of online homework assignments will need to be completed on the course website. Many (most?) of these questions will require somewhat significant calculations. You are encouraged to use paper-and-pencil, a calculator, and any other tools you need to complete these problems.

Homework assignments do not need to be completed all at one time and you have an unlimited number of attempts to complete each problem in each of the homework assignments. Each time you submit a homework set the computer will grade this attempt and you will be assigned points for each correct answer. Your best score for each question will be used. After submitting an assignment, you should be taken to a summary page that indicates which questions you have answered correctly and which problems still need to be completed.

When you go back to a homework assignment, questions that have already been answered correctly will be written in italics and (in some cases), the correct answer from your previous attempt(s) will be inserted. Even if the correct answer does not appear, you do NOT need to repeat problems for which you have already received full credit.



There are a number of online quizzes that will need to be completed on the course website. While a calculator and/or paper-and-pencil may be necessary for some questions, the questions on these quizzes should not require lengthy calculations.

To pass a quiz, you must correctly answer a certain number of questions in a row without missing any. If you answer a question incorrectly, your 'streak' is set to zero and you must start over. Partial credit is available if you are 'close' (for example, if you need to answer six questions in a row but only get five correct before missing a question).

As with the homework, you have an unlimited number of attempts to complete each quiz.



All four of the exams will be taken online. Unless other arrangements are made, it is expected that these exams will be completed during the regularly scheduled class periods (9:00-11:50am). Details about the format of these exams will be shared shortly before the first exam (July 22).


Upcoming Assignments

After you have logged into the course website, a box should appear containing a number of links. Included on this should be a list of the next five homework and quiz assignments.

In addition, the course calendar contains a list of all assignments. The red buttons near the top of the calendar page can be used to move forward or backward by one month. For homework and quizzes, a check should appear in front of all assignments that have been completed.