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CHEM 10061
General Chemistry II
Summer 2021

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  • Welcome - Information about how this course is structured
  • Course Syllabus - in Adobe PDF format
    • Policy - KSU policies and other information. Considered part of syllabus
  • Online Resources - Freely available textbooks and other resources
    • OpenStax - One of the textbook options for this class is a freely available text by OpenStax
    • LibreTexts - Another online, freely available textbook
    • Introduction to Chemistry - A website by Mark Bishop, featuring a textbook, audio, video lectures, and animations
  • Formulas, Constants and Periodic Table - This type of information will be provided on all exams
  • Conversions - Review of procedure to convert betwen units
  • Old exams and answer keys - The order of topics changes between semesters, so these exams do not necessarily cover the same topics covered this semester.