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Workload for this course


Dr. Earley's online courses are designed to cover the same amount of material as taught in my face-to-face sections of this course.  The standard statement for traditional college work is that for each hour spend in the classroom, an additional 2-3 hours should be spent outside of class.  Since this is a three credit-hour class, you should expect to spend 9-12 hours/week on this course.

Because there is no required attendance, online courses require a significant amount of self-discipline.  If you are struggling with this material, tutoring may be available (depending on your location), and I am available (through web page comments, via email, and in physical office hours for students located near the Stark campus) to provide help.



One of the advantages of taking an online course is the flexibility that is possible.  While I have tried to take this into account, there are constraints that prevent this from being completely flexible.  For example, I am required to give paper-and-pencil proctored exams for this course.  This necessitates that course content for each of these exams be completed by these dates.  Discussions and comments on other students' papers are another requirement that puts some time constraints on this course.  For these, I have set up at least a one week window to respond.

Even with these constraints, I have attempted to build as much flexibility into this course as possible.  Deadlines to complete the quizzes for each of the major topics are due at roughly one-week intervals.  However, these can be completed earlier if desired.  I encourage you to look at the deadlines for this course and your personal schedules early in the semester so that you can take appropriate steps to avoid serious time management issues.