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Quiz Grades


To determine your current grade on all quizzes, select "Gradebook" from the Navigation block near the top of the left column of most pages on this site.

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On this page, results for each quiz are shown.  An example of this is shown below.

Example of Quiz Summary Table

A Key to the symbols in the far right column is shown near the bottom of the Grade Summary page.

Bonus 110% Bonus: Perfect score on quiz before deadline
Full Credit 100% Full Credit: Passed quiz before deadline
Partial Credit 50% Partial Credit:  Didn't pass this quiz before the deadline
OR passed quiz after deadline
No Credit 0% No Credit: Didn't answer any questions correctly
before the deadline
In Progress - You have not yet passed, but it is before the deadline

There are a couple of items worth noting.  First, you may take each quiz as many times as you want.  Only your best result will be used to determine your grade.  Second, you are allowed to take any quiz after the deadline.  If you pass a quiz for the first time after the deadline for that quiz, you will get partial credit (50%) for that quiz.


Quiz Points and Final Grade

The total number of points for quizzes are indicated on the course syllabus. Near the bottom of this page is a single line labeled "Quiz Average".  To determine the number of points used to calculate your grade for homework, multiply this value (as a decimal) by the total number of points for quizzes.

Quiz Average

For example, assume that quizzes count as 50 points toward your final grade (use actual number from your syllabus) and the quiz average was 82%.  From this, the points earned for the quiz portion of your grade would be:

(0.82) * (50 points) = 41 points