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Quiz Answers

Why can't I see the Quiz Answers?

When I created my online courses, one of the decisions that I made was that I wanted students to be able to take quizzes as many times as needed.  The idea was that students would be able to see which questions they missed, then go back and review this specific information.

Because I allow you to take these quizzes multiple times. showing the answers would allow students to take the quizzes, view and write down the answers, and then retake and pass the quizzes without ever learning how to do the problems.  While there are multiple questions that are rotated, there are only so many ways many of these questions can be asked.


What if I get stuck or the website seems wrong?

Unfortunately, there are occasionally problems with having a computer grade your quizzes.  If there are particular questions that are causing problems or you suspect the computer may be wrong, please email me.  I have the ability to look and see the answers you gave for all of your quizzes and can manually correct things if necessary.

If it is not a computer problem, I might be able to see what you are doing wrong and either explain the concept or at least let you know what the problem seems to be.