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Website Layout

Overview of Dr. Earley's website

I will be using Blackboard Learn to record grades for this course. All other information and course content will be stored on this web server. The reason for doing this is that certain things that I would like to do with this course are either impossible or very awkward to do using Blackboard Learn. While I have tried to make this site as easy to navigate as possible, it may take a little bit of to become comfortable using this site. This page is intended to illustrate some of the key features of this site.

(Note: This site undergoes changes somewhat regularly, so some of the images may not match the current version of this site).



The home page for this site contains links to content that does not require logging in. Near the top of this page is a blue bar containing links to a few commonly used pages. However, the most important feature is the "User login" block on the left side of the page. Your username will be the same as your official Kent username. You will not be able to login until an account has been created for you. When this is done, you should receive an email message containing a one-time login link. The first thing that you will need to do is to create a new password to use on this site.  This should not be the same password you use for your Flashline account.  Note that you do not need to login to Flashline or Blackboard Learn to use this site.


User Profile Page

View of message for logged in usersNear the upper-right corner of the page is a small message. If you are not logged in, nothing will appear in this section. If you are logged in, this should read "Logged in as <username> | Logout". Logout is a link that you should use to logout of this site.

After logging in, a User menu box should appear on the left side of the screen. The My account link will direct you to your profile page. You can also get to this page by selecting your username ("student" in the image) link in the upper-right corner of the screen.

Tabs available on the profile page

Your profile page contains several options, represented as tabs near the top of the screen.  Under the Edit tab are several options, including:

  • Password - change your password for this site
  • Alias - change the name people will see for posts you create on this site
  • Profile Picture - change the image people see near the top of all of your posts.


Left Sidebar

On a typical computer display, the pages on this site are divided into two columns. The narrow column on the left contains information boxes containing a list of links, a list of upcoming deadlines, and other information.

On smartphones, tablets, or other devices with smaller displays, this sidebar will appear near the bottom of the screen.

Note that these boxes will only be available after you login. Before this, the leftmost column only contains the User login box.


Course Content Page

After logging in, you should automatically be directed to the appropriate "Course Content" page. This is the main page and the starting point for students in each course. You can also get to this page by selecting the appropriate link from the blue menu bar near the top of the screen.

The Course Content page is divided into several sections, organized sequentially to match the topics to be covered on each of the proctored exams. Each of these sections contains links to the major topics covered. These sections can all be collapsed or expanded by clicking on the link (an example of this is shown below). By default, only the active section(s) will be expanded.


Topics/Learning Modules

These pages contain the information that will be covered on examinations and will provide instructions and (for online courses) information on other course requirements (papers, discussion board topics, etc.). Most of these pages are restricted and require you to login before you can view these.

The top section of these pages is a collapsable list of learning outcomes. The bulk of this page contains instructions, reading assignments, and links to various types of content meant to help you understand different aspects about the current topic. These may be in the form of static web pages, audio, video, graphics, discussion topics, interactive graphs or molecular graphics, quizzes, or other types of information. Icons are used to give some indication of the type of content on each link. A complete list of icons of icons used on this site is available.