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About your online username



Your Online Alias

For this course, you will be posting items on discussion boards and creating papers that will be viewed by other students.  You can create an alias that will be used to identify yourself in all posts on this site so that other students will not see your real name.  By default your alias is set to your first name and the first letter of your last name, but you can change this to (almost) anything you want.  It is hoped that by allowing you to post anonymously, you will be encouraged to be a bit more open in your responses.


Profile Picture (Avatar)

By default, users will have the rather uninspiring profile picture shown below.  Users are encouraged to change these images to something more representative.  You can upload any* picture you want for use as your profile picture.  This could be a picture of you, a pet, a place you like to visit, or almost any other image.  This image can be changed at any point in the semester.

Default profile picture

*While I will generally let you upload and use almost any image, I reserve the right to remove any picture I believe to be inappropriate.


Changing your Alias and Profile Picture

You must be logged-in to the course website before you can make any changes to your profile. After logging in, your current (default) alias should appear near the top right of the web pages as shown below.  To change your alias and/or profile picture, you can either select your name or select "My Account" from the User menu on the left side of the screen.

My Account     or     User Menu navigation box


Your account page contains a summary of the current information about your account. To change this information, select the "Edit" tab from the row of boxes near the top of the page.

Edit Profile Tab

Once you are on the Edit Profile page, you can make the following changes:

  • Change your password for this website
  • Change your alias (username shared with the class)
  • Change your profile picture (avatar)