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Website Information

This page contains links to pages containing more information about this website. Most of these links will be of interest only to individuals registered for one of my online courses. However, these are all public pages that anyone can view.


  • Website Layout - An overview of some of the features of this site and how it is organized.
  • User Accounts - Information on logging into this site for the first time.
  • Passwords - How to change your password and what to do if you forget your password and cannot log in.
  • Alias and Profile Pictures - How to change the name attached to all of your posts and your profile picture
  • Icons - List of icons used on this site and their meanings
  • Workload - Time requirements and flexibility of this online course


  • Quiz Grades - How grades for quizzes are determined
  • Quiz Answers - Explanation for why you can't see your answers


  • Writing Papers - Information on how to create papers (web pages) on this site.
  • Plagiarism - Information on plagiarism and citing sources when writing papers