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CHEM 20481: Basic Organic Chemistry I

Fall 2019


Most of the material on this site is restricted to students enrolled in this class.

External Resources

The following sites may prove useful to some students. If you find a site that you find useful (or if one of the sites here seems problematic), please let me know.

  • Master Organic Chemistry - A site by James Ashenhurst. Contains a number of study guides, review sheets, blog posts and other information. Most of this information is free, but a few resources must be purchased.
  • ChemTube3D - "ChemTube3D contains interactive 3D chemistry animations and structures, with supporting information" for a variety of reactions
  • Named Reactions - Many common organic reactions (such as Grignard reactions and the Williamson ether synthesis) are known by the name(s) of the scientist(s) who discovered them. This site by Alfa Aesar gives a brief history of many of these reactions.


Exam #4 Material - (Click to expand/collapse)

    Alpha-Carbon Chemistry: Enolates

    Final Exam Review Sheet - Major Topics included on this exam. Updated for Fall 2019 semester.