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Understanding the Course Gradebook

The gradebook on this website will provide you with your most current grades for the work that you on this site (Quizzes, Papers, and Discussion Board posts). While the totals will be transferred to Blackboard Learn periodically during the semester, those grades will generally not be kept up to date.

I have tried to make this gradebook as simple to understand as possible. However, if you find this confusing or there is information that you would like to see included, please let me know.



At the top of the gradebook is your name (from Blackboard Learn) followed by your username in parentheses.

[1] Daniel Mysonn (daniel)

  • Alias: Daniel M.
  • Testing Center: Stark
  • Name (daniel) - Your real name (as listed on Blackboard) followed by your KSU Flashline username. The username (daniel in this example) is a link to your profile page. By selecting Edit on the profile page, you can change your password, your "alias", add a profile picture, and/or select a Testing Center option.
  • Alias - This is the only name other students in the class will see. This will appear on discussion board (forum) posts and when you comment on other students' papers.
  • Testing Center - This shows the option you have currently selected for taking the required exams for this course.


Summary Box

The summary box has several columns.

  • Points Earned - This column shows the number of points you have earned to date.
  • % (To date) - Your percentage based on the "Points Earned" and the "Possible points to date".
  • Possible points to date - This is the number of total number of points (excluding bonus/extra credit) possible to date. Because the window for exams spans several days and the fact that you may complete assignments early, this number may NOT be completely accurately for you.
  • Total points for semester - This is the total number of points possible for the entire semester based on the course syllabus.

The summary box has several rows. Some of these rows may not be present depending on the requirements for your course.

  • Exams - If any exams have been taken, your scores on these exams will be listed along with the # of points possible 
  • Quiz %  - This section gives the percentage you have earned on quizzes up to this point in the semester. At the end of the semester, this percentage will be multiplied by the number of points possible on the quizzes to give the points used to calculate your grade. For example, if a student averages 80.0% on all quizzes and the final grade is based on 50 possible points for quizzes, then this student would have earned (80.0% * 50pts) = 40 pts for quizzes.
  • Papers - Grades earned for any papers will be shown as number of points toward your final course grade.
  • Forums - Grades earned for discussion board posts will be shown as number of points toward your final course grade.
  • Total Points - Sum of all points earned
  • Percentage - The percentage listed in the "Possible Points to Date" column is probably the best indication of how you are doing in this course. Note that this value will be wrong if the possible points to date is not accurate for you. This is most likely to occur for exams. Because there is a span of several days for when exams may be taken and may be a longer time before all exams are graded, the total points to date may include points for a exam you have not yet taken or an exam that has not been graded (the computer will assume you have a zero for this exam).

At the end of the semester, the values in the course gradebook will be copied to Blackboard Learn.



For each quiz, the following columns are shown.

  • Quiz Name - This name is a link to the quiz.
  • Deadline - Due date for this quiz. Quizzes may be taken after the deadline, but full credit cannot be earned for this.
  • Raw Score - This is the score reported by the system (as a percentage) for each quiz. For example, if you got 4/5 questions correct, your raw score would be 80.
  • Grade - This is the score used to calculate your average quiz grades. Passing a quiz by the deadline will give you a grade of 100%, while a perfect score will give you a "bonus" of 110%.
  • Result - This should match the symbols shown on content pages for each quiz.

Key to symbols used to show results for each quiz