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Exam Options

A significant portion of the grade for this course is based on examinations. You have two options for taking these exams:

  • Traditional paper-and-pencil exams at an approved testing center.
  • Online exams taken through Blackboard Learn and proctored using Proctorio.


Paper-and-Pencil Examination Options

Note: With the current University restrictions due to COVID-19, paper-and-pencil exam options are general available only to students who require special accommodations.

Students choosing to take traditional, paper-and-pencil exams will first need to register with Student Accessibility Services and contact me to get approval to take this type of exam. Arrangements to take these exams will then need to be made using one of the options listed below.

  • Any Testing center on any KSU regional campus: All of the KSU regional Campuses have Testing Centers, and students enrolled at any KSU campus are allowed to take exams at these sites.  Students will be responsible for verifying hours for these centers and making appointments (if required) to take these exams. Contact information for all KSU testing centers is listed on my Testing Centers page.
  • Another approved site:  If taking exams online and a KSU testing center is not an option for you, students can make arrangements to take these exams at another site. The KSU Alternate Testing Sites page gives examples of acceptable proctoring locations. Note that you will need to make arrangements and I must approve this at least one week before the start of the exam period.


Online Testing

Students may choose to take their exams online through Blackboard Learn. For this option, you must have a computer with a webcam and a relatively fast internet connection. Even though these exams will be administered on a computer, you will probably need pencil and paper to solve some problems. See the KSU Getting Started with Proctorio page and the Proctorio FAQ for more information.


Selecting your Testing Option

To select a site to take your examinations you will need to edit your Profile page. Select the "Edit" tab and scroll most of the way down to the Testing Center section. Selection of your preferred site is done using a drop-down menu. After you have made any changes to your Profile page, you will need to hit the SAVE button at the bottom of the page.


Additional Information

The KSU Proctored Testing and Getting Started with Proctorio pages provide additional information about testing options for online courses.