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Picture of Dr. EarleyWelcome to Dr. Earley's website. This site is used to support all of Dr. Earley's classes, including those courses taught online. While access to most of this material is restricted to students enrolled in Dr. Earley's classes, some content is accessible to anyone interested in finding out more about any of these courses.


Student Accounts

Users must login to access most of the content on this site. This requires that Dr. Earley create an account for you. (You cannot create an account yourself).

For students in online courses, accounts will typically be created one or two days before the start of classes. When this happens, you should receive an email from the system explaining how to login to this site. If you have not gotten this email by the first day of class, let me know.

  • Website - Information about this site. Primarily for online courses
  • First-time Login - Instructions for logging in and changing your password


University Policy

The following pages contain informaton about KSU policy and practice.  These pages should be considered a part of the syllabi for all of Dr. Earley's courses.


Chemistry Drawing/Visualization Software

  • Chemdoodle - Chemistry drawing software program
  • CH5M3D - 3D visualization of molecules





  • Training - Information about training courses I have taken to prepare for online teaching
  • Feedback
    Some students have expressed concern because I do not use Blackboard Learn for my online courses. The links below are unedited comments from students that were posted on the course discussion board at the end of past semesters evaluating their perception of this website. Note that these are NOT anonymous comments, so there is undoubtedly some bias. However, the responses are overwhelmingly positive.
    • Comments - Taken from CHEM 10030: Chemistry in Our World, Spring 2019
    • Comments - Taken from CHEM 10055: Molecules of Life, Spring 2019